YVR Plans and Global Warming

There was a front page article in the Sun on Friday, “YVR considers building $1.2-billion runway across fish habitat.” Nowhere in the article are environmental factors beyond the local debated; even a spokesperson for the David Suzuki Foundation focuses on the fish. It is alarming to see plans for the airport into the 2040s and beyond discussed without mention of global warming (never mind that we now know there will be few fish by that decade if current trends are not reversed). It should be obvious that airline travel will be one of the activities we will have to curtail drastically in the near term; this will arguably have a significant impact on flight volume. In addition, it would seem the entire airport—never mind just the new “foreshore runway”—is at risk of being submerged with rising sea levels. When will we begin to make these connections, and begin to take action, including realistic adjustments in our planning activities?

One thought on “YVR Plans and Global Warming

  1. we can’t seem to connect the dots, and we are more self-serving and isolated than ever. just think, we talk by texting on our phones — even our phones are now devoid of human touch. we keep isolating ourselves thinking we are becoming more efficient, saving time, saving money. we seem incapable of living under our means, which is what a shift in thinking demands. we are only comfortable living beyond our means. we are buying condos, and then storing our stuff in storage warehouses a few miles down the street.

    where did the runway go?

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