Nk’Mip 2013 Dreamcatcher

This is a blend of Riesling (73.3%) and Chenin Blanc. Pale gold, medium-whiff citrus and sage. Off-dry, high acidity, intense lemon and apricot, distinct from the aroma. Full body. Good length. Very nice overall. I want to try their (100%) Riesling.

$20.90 at Crosstown.

I visited Nk’Mip Cellars in Osoyoos last summer and it’s a worthwhile trip.


Meyer 2013 Riesling

I visited Meyer August 9, 2014 and picked up two bottles of this Riesling along with a couple of their great Pinot Noir releases. It’s well worth visiting their tasting room.

This Riesling is their first, and produced in small quantity; I believe it is only available at Meyer. It’s clear, light gold in the glass, with medium intensity aromas of citrus and minerals, along with subtle ripe apricot. Off-dry, strong but well-balanced acidity, and a medium body. Stone fruits dominate; there is a lemony acidity which develops nicely in the finish; this wine has good length. Overall very good; I’m looking forward to future vintages. 11.5% alcohol. About $20 at Meyer.

See also the winemaker’s release notes and tasting sheet (PDF).


Tightrope Riesling 2012

Clear, pale gold in the glass. Medium nose of citrus and apple with a slight floral quality. Dry, strong acidity, light-to-medium body. Lemon, mineral, tart apple. Good length, with a crisp though slightly muted finish. 12.6% alcohol. Overall good.

$27 at Steamworks Wine Thief. See Tightrope Winery.


Rippon Jeunesse Young Vines Riesling 2009

Clear, pale silver-green in the glass. Very light nose of grapefruit and perhaps a hint of greenness. Off-dry, high acidity, and a bit more than a light body. An overall slightly watery mix of citrus and sort of generic sweetness with some minerality. Blends well but is weak; not much length as a result. Is this the result of the “young vines”? Intriguing. I don’t dislike it, but I’d be curious to see how it evolves in future vintages. 11% alcohol. Overall good. $34.60 at Crosstown, which seems a bit dear. See Rippon Vineyard.

Rippon Jeunesse Young Vines Riesling 2009

2010 Pierre Sparr Extrēm Riesling

Clear, pale-plus gold appearance. Medium intensity nose of citrus and stone fruit. Off-dry, high acidity, and medium body; lemon and grapefruit dominate in the mouth along with agave nectar and a bit of minerality. Persistent, tart finish. Overall good; straightforward and quite drinkable; I’m having this with a saag soy paneer. 12% alcohol.

$25 at Legacy Liquor Store—first time I’d been here. It’s expansive, and the selection seems pretty good, though there’s definitely an emphasis on booze other than wine.

See Vins Sparr.

2010 Pierre Sparr Extrēm Riesling

Trinity Hill Wairarapa Riesling 2004

Clear, medium gorgeous yellow-gold in the glass. Medium intensity nose of  sweet lemon, minerality, and a bit of petrol. Off dry, high acidity and medium body.  Dominated by strong and appealing minerals, along with ripe tropical fruits and a hint of the typical apricot. Good length. 12.5% alcohol. Overall good, and recommended for those who like a classic off-dry Riesling.

$28.75 at Crosstown. See Trinity Hill.

Trinity Hill Riesling 2004

Poet’s Leap Columbia Valley Riesling 2010

Clear, light gold in the glass. Medium intensity apricot, apple-pear, and citrus nose. Just off-dry, strong acidity, and light-plus body. Citrus—particularly lemon—and mineral dominate the palate; evolving and nicely balanced green fruit flavours work towards a lingering finish of crisp green apple. 12.9% alcohol. Overall very good, one of the best west coast Rieslings I’ve ever tasted; I’ll be picking up a couple more bottles of this. See Long Shadows Wineries.

This was a birthday gift from my wonderful interaction design team at Vision Critical. Drinking with Tempeh “Steaks” with Mushroom-White Wine Sauce (no, I’m not using the Poet’s Leap in the recipe!) from Big Vegan.

Poet's Leap Columbia Valley Riesling 2010

Chateau Ste Michelle Dry Riesling 2009

Clear, pale gold in the glass. Medium intensity nose of honey, ripe fruits, and mineral. Dry with a hint of residual sugar; strong acidity and medium body. Palate is dominated by a sharp lemony minerality which kicks in quickly; almost overwhelms the fruit but the finish is decent with a background sweetness competing with the sharp acidity, along with almost-ripe pear and apple; almost a bit of a spritz to it as well. 13% alcohol. Overall good; interesting to compare this dry Riesling to the sweet 2010; both styles are decent from this producer.

$20 at Crosstown, a nice price. See Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery (warning: Flash site).

Chateau Ste Michelle Dry Riesling 2009

Chateau Ste Michelle 2010 Riesling

Clear, pale silver-straw appearance. Medium intensity nose of citrus, green apple, and a hint of sweetness. Off-dry, high acidity with a medium body. The sweetness takes over in the mouth: honey and apricot, with a nicely balanced background bite of mineral acidity. Medium length finish of evolving lemon and agave nectar. Overall good; another recommended Washington State Riesling. (See also my notes on the 2008.) 11% alcohol. Good value: $20 at Crosstown. See Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery (warning: Flash site).

Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling 2010

8th Generation Riesling Classic 2011

Clear, pale gold in the glass. Almost-medium intensity nose of citrus and dry grass. Just off-dry, high acidity, medium body. Very sharp citrus flavours, particularly lemon and grapefruit; sweetness and a hint of stone fruit. Lingering acidity in the medium-plus length. Overall good: not complex and the tart acidity and citrus is a bit overpowering. Enjoyable, but not as much of a standout as some of their previous efforts (see my notes on the 200620072008, and 2009). 11.9% alcohol. $25 at Kitsilano Wine Cellar. See 8th Generation Vineyard and their notes on this vintage.

8th Generation Riesling Classic 2011