Joie Farm “A Noble Blend” 2011

In the glass this is clear, pale gold with a hint of green. Nose is clean, medium-plus intensity mix of floral, grapefruit, pear, and a distinctive Okanagan grassy-sage aroma (I grew up in south central BC). Dry with a hint of residual sugar—one can discern Joie’s Riesling grapes fighting through—but dominated by citrus—lemon, grapefruit, and lime—with distinctive spicy/floral Gewürztraminer notes as well. Obviously a real mix (see post tags) but it balances nicely; the complexity that comes through in the long-ish finish is captivating. Definitely more tart than the 2010; another good vintage. 12.7% alcohol. Recommended. $28.50 at Crosstown. See Joie Farm (warning: Flash site).

Joie Farm "A Noble Blend" 2011

Blue Mountain Pinot Blanc 2009

I enjoyed the 2008. This one is similar in colour, medium gold with a bit of a greenish tint (or maybe it’s the trees outside my window). Mellow citrus-steel nose with that OK dry hills quality. Strong acidity, very dry, green apple and lime. Perhaps a bit lighter than the ’08, but quite consistent with it. Lengthy finish. Very nice; definitely recommended. 13% alcohol; $21.90 at Marquis Wine Cellars. See Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars.

Blasted Church Mixed Blessings 2009

This blend is 66% Pinot Blanc and 34% Chardonnay—see the winemaker’s notes (PDF file). Light lemon-silver appearance; straightforward apple-citrus nose with a hint of the Okanagan sage. Dry, with a nice light and well-balanced palate dominated by citrus and pineapple, and a nice finish of ripe fruit—as the winemaker suggests, a quality of pear. This is very nice; strikes me as a great summer wine in particular—perhaps it’s just the summer weather today in Vancouver. 13.5% alcohol. See Blasted Church Vineyards.

Blue Mountain Pinot Blanc 2008

A few people have raved to me about this vineyard.

This Pinot Blanc is a medium gold-green. Pineapple-citrus nose with a hint of sage (as in interior sage brush). Medium body and dry with apple and lemon dominating; nicely balanced flavours—I think I detect a hint of oak—and acidity with a good long finish. 13% alcohol. Recommended. $21.60 at Crosstown. See Blue Mountain Winery.