2010 Catena Malbec

Medium ruby and a slight purple tint. Medium nose of plums and sour cherry, spice and damp. Dry, medium-plus acidity, mid tannins, and a light-ish body. Dominated by sour cherry and general black fruits, with tasteful oak. Medium length with a finish that falls off in terms of flavours quite quickly. 13.5% alcohol. Overall good. $26.50 at Steamworks. See Bodega Catena Zapata.

2010 Catena Malbec

2010 Sottano Reserva Mendoza Malbec

Clear, deep ruby-purple appearance. Clean, medium intensity plum and pepper with earthy blackberry aromas. Dry, medium acidity and mild tannins, with a medium body. Ripe dark fruits dominate, with a sweet spiciness and hints of oak and leather. Medium length. Overall good; I haven’t tried many Malbecs but this is an enjoyable drink, unusual in its softness, and I will search out others.

$28 at Kitsilano Wine Cellar. See Bodega Sottano.

2010 Sottano Malbec