Kettle Valley 2008 Riesling

Pale-medium gold. Very nice nose with floral, citrus, earth and honey notes. Off-dry medium body with honey and apricot qualities; slightly low but nicely balanced acidity. Definitely one of the better BC Rieslings I’ve tried in the last couple of years. 9.8% alcohol. Unusually comes in a short rather than long-neck bottle. $28.90 at Crosstown. See Kettle Valley Winery.

8th Generation Riesling Classic 2008

The Tangled Vines was basically undrinkable (see my previous post), so I ran out to Crosstown and bought this, which I recall enjoying last year (though I won’t read my notes for now). Pale-ish silver-lemon appearance; quite unusual (for a Riesling) muted grapefruit nose. Dry, low-medium acidity, hint of stone fruit and well-balanced green fruit, lemon, and mineral qualities. Subtle and enjoyable. $24. See 8th Generation Vineyard.

Tangled Vines Riesling 2005

Deep lemon-gold with an earthy, citrus nose; strong alcohol scent, seeming almost fortified. A harsh palate, again with alcohol dominating (though it’s 13.9%); acidity is there but is overpowered by a largely unpleasant flavour. I can’t recommend this one. Perhaps you get what you pay for: $16.20 (relatively inexpensive by B.C. standards, believe it or not) at Crosstown. See Tangled Vines Winery.

Dirty Laundry 2009 Madam’s Vines Gew├╝rztraminer

I enjoyed their 2008 Riesling, and a clerk at Crosstown said this one is hard to find.

Clear pale lemon green with a light floral-citrus nose. Medium-dry with low-medium acidity and good body. Pronounced floral, grapefruit, and nutmeg notes; a quite distinctive and enjoyable flavour. Medium length. 13.2% alcohol. As with their Riesling, I really like this; recommended. $24.10. Dirty Laundry Vineyard, Summerland, BC.