Joie Farm Riesling 2009

I somehow neglected to post notes on this one. I really enjoyed the 2007; the 2008 was also solid.

In the glass we have a clear, light-plus lemon-gold. The nose is, if I recall past vintages correctly, a bit of a departure from the Joie style: this seems to have a bit more of a European Riesling quality, more mineral, a bit of floral, and some citrus qualities, clean and medium intensity. Palate is off-dry, high acidity, and medium body. Honey and apricot, grapefruit, and a touch of an earthy-slate quality. Medium length with the sweetness and citrus dominating. 11% alcohol. It is straightforward, but very enjoyable; I think this is probably their best Riesling to date. Recommended.

$27 at Crosstown. See Joie Farms (warning: Flash, so won’t work on iPad; and required an upgrade the latest version for some reason, but still wouldn’t work in Safari—Joie, please do an HTML site!).

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