Joie Farm Muscat 2010

I don’t think I’ve tasted more than one or two other Muscats, but this was the first Joie wine I ever tried—about five years ago, at Vij’s.

This one is clear and almost water-pale. Medium intensity grapefruit, sage (as in sagebrush), cut grass, and petrol on the nose. Dry, highly acidic, and light bodied, the palate is strong of lemon and lime with a hint of green pepper and a bit of residual sugar. Medium length and 11.4% alcohol. I think this is quite distinct from previous vintages. Overall good; recommended. $27.60 at Crosstown.

See Joie Farm—but a warning: this is not only a Flash site, but asks to install the latest version. And after doing so, it doesn’t work in Safari. Joie, hire an HTML5 guru.

Joie Farms Muscat 2010

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