Greywacke Wild Sauvignon 2009

I enjoyed the 2010 Marlborough, and have bought a few more bottles since, so picked this up today when I saw it at Kitsilano Wine Cellar. The label says it was “fermented in old oak barrels using wild yeast,” so I was intrigued.

Appearance is clear, almost-medium yellow-gold with a bit of a green tinge. The nose does have a hint of wood but is dominated by ripe banana, stone fruit, and citrus. In the mouth this has a bit of sweetness, high acidity, and is medium bodied. The flavours are a well-balanced complex of subtle lemon, grapefruit, again stone fruit, along with a snitch of sharp green pepper; and, if I’m not overly prejudiced by the label, a bit of distinctive yeastiness. Excellent length and the mix continues to evolve nicely in the finish. Overall very good, and definitely recommended; I’ll head back to Kits for another couple of bottles.

CAD$43. See Greywacke.

Greywacke Wild Sauvignon 2009

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