Disappearing Corner Stores of Vancouver

Every week or so, on and off for a few years, I’ve walked past this abandoned store. Heong Grocery. It’s been closed for years, and in recent weeks it appears it’s being prepared for demolition. What is its story? How long was it open? Why did it close? Who is or was Heong?

Several years ago the Sun had a feature story about ‘disappearing corner stores of Vancouver.’ I think there was a book published. A quick Web search turned up nothing; I wish I could find it. Every one of these stores has a story, and at the risk of sounding old and sentimental, perhaps a more interesting one than the franchise joint that probably put them out of business.

One thought on “Disappearing Corner Stores of Vancouver

  1. An update on this: the building is being renovated, not demolished. Whether or not it will be resurrected as a corner store I’m not sure, although the new windows are the same location and size as the old, and the name of the store is still on the building.

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