Columbus Group, originally "Columbus Group Communications," was a Vancouver-based web development company that existed from 1995 until it was acquired by Telus in 2001. This page was created as an historical record and to help former employees keep, or get, in touch with each other. When Telus Web Solutions finally left 576 Seymour in November 2003, there was virtually no trace of the company left on the Web, and I thought it was time to put something together. The Apple HI Alumni Page was an inspiration.

In order to be eligible for inclusion, people must have been employees of Columbus Group hired before April 2001. Years of employment are indicated up to the acquisition, indicated by a Telus logo. Those still employed at Telus — as of 2021, apparently only four — are represented with green shading. Contact me via my site, LinkedIn, or Facebook, with any updates. (I normally only update current/last known activities when I hear directly from or of someone; for the most up-to-date information, refer to LinkedIn profiles.)

Updates & Info

  Name/Link Position Years Current/Last Known Activities; Notes Updated
instagram.png Alex Aalto Programming 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Principal, Alex Aalto Consulting 2010.04
  Rich Adam Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· VP, Business Development, Eastern Canada, Vision Critical 2005.07
instagram.png Trevor Allen Quality 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· User Experience Designer, OpenRoad Communications 2013.10
instagram.png Erika Alm Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· President Sales Innovation, Playground (An Intrawest Company) 2006.04
    Tammy Anderson Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· At home with her kids after leaving Telus in March 2006 2006.08
instagram.png Stephanie Arbuckle Sales 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Consultant, Project Management and PMO design 2007.12
  Sara Bailey Graphics 95·96·97·98·?? Creative Director/Partner with At Large Media with Emma (was WebPool Syndicate) 2006.04
instagram.png Steve Barha Various 95·96·97·98·??·00 ·01 CIO, TIO Networks 2006.08
    Ricardo Barone Programming      
instagram.png Leeanne Barr Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Design Specialist in Network Support & Operations (NSO), Telus 2016.04
  Joerg Beekmann Programming 95·96·97·98·99·00·01·    
instagram.png Ron Bertoncini Development 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Web Interface Developer, Telus 2007.01
  Peter Betnaza PM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Project Manager, Westwind Performance 2007.03
instagram.png Geoffrey Bird Copy/Content 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Instructor, BCIT 2011.07
instagram.png Doug Birnie Founder 95·96·97·98·99·00·01·   2004.06
instagram.png Paige Birnie        
  Wayne Browne Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 (was WebPool Syndicate)  
instagram.png   Kate Browning Reception 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Now a registered nurse in Vancouver. 2005.01
  Barrett Brownlee Development   (Scott's sister)  
instagram.png Chris Brownlee Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01·    
  Scott Brownlee Founder 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· 2008.10
  Tom Bunnell Seattle 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· High school teacher in the Seattle area 2003.11
instagram.png Chris Burke Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Director, Online at RBC Dexia Investor Services 2010.01
  Oksana Burke Programming 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Née Vovk? 2011.07
  John Callaghan Seattle 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Most recently completed a project with Microsoft on the Windows Platform Strategy Team. Currently looking for next gig in Business Development or Marketing. 2006.11
instagram.png Andrea Camp Sales 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Sales and Marketing Manager, Mosaic Homes 2005.07
instagram.png Ron Cann Strategist 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· VP Marketing & Communications for Qtrade Financial Group. (Married to Rani MacInnes; they have "2 kids Maxime and Luka and yes I believe they are the first CG kids.") 2012.05
    Marisa Carmen Development 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Novartis Pharmaceuticals, USA 2003.11
  Geoff Catliff Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Corporate Strategy, Telus 2007.01
  Lesley Cherry Copy 95·96·97·98·99·00·01·   2006.12
    Ian Clyne Marketing 95·96·97·98·99·00·01·   2003.11
instagram.png Céline Cormier Graphics 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Freelance 2021.08
instagram.png Steve Cullingworth Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Make Technologies (now part of Dell) 2012.06
  Amar Dhaliwal Sales 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 VP Engineering, Thinq 2004.07
  Andrew Fearnley Graphics 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Owner, Applecross Design 2010.08
  April Felker       2005.07
    Kent Fong PM   NCompass Labs  
  Anand Gandhi Programming 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Programmer Analyst Team Lead at Credential Financial Inc. 2010.07
    Andrew Giles   95·96·97·98·??   2005.07
  Leanne Gillies Development 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Publisher and Montessori teacher. 2021.08
  Nicki Glave Development 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 "Being a mom" (Chloë, May 2001 and Molly, June 2004), but wondering about getting back in the workforce. 2006.03
    Kathryn Grafton AM 95·96·97·??·99·01 Doing Ph.D at UBC 2003.11
  Ali Grayeli PM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Creative Director, Blast Radius 2006.04
    Luis Gutierrez     Flamenco player and Salsa Instructor 2011.11
instagram.png   Patrick Gunn Graphics 95·96·97·98·99·00·01·    
instagram.png Bre Hamilton Content/Copy 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Production Executive for Alliance Atlantis/HGTV in Toronto 2006.11
instagram.png Jen Hanson Copy/Content 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Lives in Wellington, New Zealand and writes design curriculum for a college there. Baby on the way in May 2007. 2007.01
  John Hargrave PM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Microsoft 2005.10
instagram.png Tim Hassed Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Online Client Experience Director, Telus 2005.07
instagram.png Anthony Hempell Usability 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Manager, Interaction & Usability/Senior Interaction Architect, Blast Radius 2006.03
  Jim Henderson GM, Toronto 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· CCMC Publishing (SCOREGolf and CHL) 2003.11
  Shawna Hickerson Graphics 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Aurora Motion Graphics  
instagram.png Grant Hodgins Programming 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Working for the government in Victoria. 2005.02
  Mike Howatson Development   Manager of Design/Creative Director, Blast Radius 2006.04
    Wallace Hui Support 95·96·97·98·99·00·01    
instagram.png Trevor Hutchison Graphics 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Senior Graphic Designer, DUIT Multimedia, Perth, Australia 2006.05
    Ardessa Jesseau Graphics 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Sadly died of a stroke in Paris, July 14 2013. See her obituary in the Vancouver Sun. Her Facebook page has numerous tributes. 2013.07
  Isabel Jevans Usability 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 User Experience Engineer, San Francisco 2005.11
  Rebekah Kahn Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Primary school teacher, Coquitlam. (Née Lawson) 2003.11
    Debra Karby Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Deb sadly passed away in November 2012 after a battle with liver cancer. 2012.11
instagram.png Eiko Kawano Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Associate Creative Director, Sapient 2010.10
  Steve Kellas Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Associate Creative Director, Fjord Interactive (Cossette) 2008.05
instagram.png Al Korpach Finance 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Controller, ITCS, Telus 2010.01
instagram.png Ron Kozlowski Graphics 95·96·97·98·99·00·??· Graphic Designer, City of Coquitlam 2009.01
instagram.png Kaoru Kumabe Various   Working at RedKnee in Toronto. 2005.02
  Ken Kwasnicki Programming 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· 2008.10
  Eelco Langelaan   95·96·97·98·99·00·01 LogicaCMG 2004.01
    Andrew Larkin        
    Stan Lau        
    Yvonne Lau        
instagram.png Jennifer Lavelle     Née Haughian  
  Denise Lawson VP   Envision Sustainability Tools 2003.11
instagram.png Katherine Lee PM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 "Happily plugging away as an independent new media consultant, doing high-level strategy, teaching, etc." 2008.06
  Jocelyne Loewen Reception 95·96·97·98·99·00·01·    
  Andrew Lugsdin Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 BDC Venture Capital 2003.11
    Mardi MacDonald        
    Deanna Maceda PM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Now Deanna Maceda Silva. 2011.09
instagram.png Rani MacInnes PM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Started her own Dog Services Company, Muttnik Ink, in Calgary in September 2006. (Married to Ron Cann.) 2007.01
instagram.png Heather Macintosh        
instagram.png Scott MacPherson AM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Marketing consultant 2003.11
instagram.png Jon Maltby     Senior Creative Director, Blast Radius 2005.03
instagram.png Chris Masterton Usability 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Freelance 2007.11
    Laurent Maurel        
  Bryan Mavrow Marketing 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· SVP Marketing, First West Credit Union 2011.08
  Natalie McGee Usability 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Director, Business Development, Telus Health Space 2003.11
    Rob McKay Sales 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Sponsorship and Marketing Officer, University of Victoria 2007.08
instagram.png Julia McKeough Office 95·96·97·98·99·00·??· (Née Rastall) "Has her own company - called 'Project Ping' - focused on Interior design project management." (Tara Rasmussen) 2011.09
instagram.png Craig McKimm Programmer 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Application Systems Specialist, Web Architecture and Design, City of Vancouver 2007.03
  Ian McNeil Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Cactus Gold, Las Vegas  
instagram.png Bryan Mitten Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Online Marketing Manager, Lush Cosmetics 2006.08
  Carol Mok     "I'm living in Singapore still. Freelancing as a Brand Strategist for MNCs and FMC companies in Asia." 2006.04
  Michele Morrison Sales 95·96·97·98·??·00 01    
  Shelina Mulji Quality 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Consultant (QA/BA) 2006.04
  Mike Newland Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Manager, Digital Communications, BC Hydro 2006.11
instagram.png Tony Nichols Copy 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Freelance 2003.11
  Jyri Niemi     "In Finland (Helsinki) doing creative for Taivas-Ego" 2005.03
    Marie Palmer Programming      
instagram.png Steve Park Marketing 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Vice President Digital Strategy, FCV 2011.12
  Andrew Pawson Development 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Self-employed web designer and developer 2010.01
instagram.png Emma Payne PM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 At Large Media; VP, Strategy & Operations, Tyze Personal Networks (Co-founder, WebPool Syndicate) 2009.11
instagram.png Tyler Payne Graphics   Associate Creative Director, Blast Radius 2006.04
instagram.png Cheryl Picot Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Business Analyst with AXA Pacific Insurance 2011.09
  James Prescott Sales 95·96·97·98·99·00·01·   2003.11
  Tara Rasmussen HR 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Talent Manager, Elastic Path Software 2012.06
instagram.png Chris Rayner PM/AM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 MSN, London 2003.11
instagram.png Judy Renouf Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Senior Content Strategist, Blast Radius 2003.11
  Peter Rive   95·96·97·98·99·00·01 "Working in the Bay area, not sure for whom (I know he plays on JAM, the men's elite ultimate frisbee team in San Fran)" (Jason Smith) 2003.12
  Craig Robinson Marketing 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Sales and Marketing Manager, Donnelly Hospitality 2008.12
  Denise Robinson Various      
instagram.png Chris Ryan Usability 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Senior Product Designer, Imperva 2021.08
instagram.png Jeff Schaeffler Marketing 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Strategy Director, Dare 2011.08
  Chris Scott Sales   Skoah 2011.09
  Sara Scott-Harper Graphics 95·96·97·98·99·00·01   2008.10
instagram.png Jason Smith Founder 95·96·97·98·99·00·01   2011.07
    Rick Smith        
  Pete Smyth Sales 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Founder, President, CEO of Iamota Corp 2007.08
  Mike Snelgrove Development 95·96·97·98·?? Freelance (was Webpool Syndicate) 2006.04
  David Sniderman        
  Martijn Spronk Programming 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Principal, Orange Mountain Solutions Inc. 2011.08
  Martin Stimpson Sales 95·96·97·98·99·00·01    
instagram.png Anna Stokke Graphics 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Senior graphic designer at Halogen 2011.08
  Graham Storey PM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01·    
  Adrienne Szasz HR 95·96·97·98·99·00·??· Research in Motion 2005.02
  Dominik Szopa   95·96·97·98·99·00·01 PointStreak  
  Stefan Teague AM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Royal LePage Commercial Inc. 2004.01
    James Thomas        
    Shannon Thorn PM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Senior PM, Cossette 2003.11
  Rob Travers Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Cisco Systems Canada Co., Director, Western Canada, Unified Compute Systems 2010.10
instagram.png   Eric Varhol Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Freelance painting/web development. 2005.02
    Rebecca Vaughn Reception 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Freelance copywriter/editor, Inspired Ink Communications 2004.06
instagram.png Dean Vincent   95·96·97·98·99·00·01   2008.04
instagram.png Hugh Wallace PM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01    
  Jeremy Wallace AM 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Independent 2010.04
    Clayton Watt Development 95·96·97·98·99·00·01·    
  Rob Whetter   95·96·?? Architect, McFarland Architects 2003.12
  Stacey Williams Development   "I currently work with the rcmp olympic security unit as an it coordinator." 2006.05
  Peter Wilson Development 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Web Developer,Vancouver Film School 2011.08
instagram.png Leigh Wingfield AM 95·96·97·98·99·00·??    
    Dana Witzel Development 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 "Dana was tragically killed in an avalanche while mountaineering in Bolivia. She was a great friend to many of us and is missed." (Anthony Hempell) 2006.04
  Alice Wong Usability   At home with her kids following a gig with Chancery  
  Michael Wood Development 95·96·97·98·99·00·01 Currently a Partner at Retrix Hosting Inc. and Partner at Coverall Crew Corporation. 2007.02
  Ray Yee Programming 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· System Analyst, Telus 2007.01
instagram.png Julie Yoo Graphics 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Associate Creative Director at Tribal DDB Chicago 2006.12
instagram.png PJ Zargarzadeh Programming 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· Technology Solutions Professional, Western Canada, Microsoft 2006.10
instagram.png Darren Zwack Various 95·96·97·98·99·00·01· In the market for a new marketing gig. 2013.11

*WebPool Syndicate was acquired by Columbus Group in 1998.