Castello di Monsanto Monrosso Chianti 2009

Italy is one of the last wine frontiers for me. I remember my father (and his Italian friend) drinking Chianti when I was young; it came in the squat bottles back then. Maybe that dates me. My dad offered to buy me a bottle of wine today and I picked this one.

Medium ruby red in the glass, with a light nose dominated by cherries along with a bit of wood. Dry, medium-plus acidity; medium tannins and a light body. Again red cherries dominate in the mouth; the acidity and 13.5% alcohol provide a bit of a bite in front of additional red fruits and some floral notes. Overall it is straightforward but an appealing light red. $26 at Kitsilano Wine Cellar. See Castello di Monsanto (warning: Flash site with auto-playing music).

 Castello di Monstanto Monrosso Chianti 2009

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