Favourite Apps

People sometimes ask me what apps I use. I focus on third-party apps here.


The iPad has become my main personal computing device.

  • iA Writer for writing. I also use Tot for quick composition of short texts; it’s a bit garish, but a great idea.
  • I went back to Things after using OmniFocus for a few years. Cultured Code stalled on development for a while; but the version 3 series is great, and OmniFocus just became way too complicated.
  • The Guardian, New York Times, New Yorker, Globe and Mail, Reeder, Instapaper. I have also been trying Apple News, which is great for occasionally browsing periodicals you don’t read regularly.
  • Banktivity – I mostly use this on macOS, but it’s good to have it on iPad.


Apple Watch has, in concert with AirPods, become my main mobile device.

  • AirVisual – air quality, with a nice complication.
  • Streaks – for reinforcing habits.
  • Again, Things.
  • AnyList – the Watch has become my main platform for this app, with the ability to add to my lists via voice.
  • Transit – I don’t own a car, and get around mostly on foot or bike, but when I have to jump on a bus or train this is indispensable.
  • WaterMinder – I’m not obsessive about using it, but this is useful for tracking fluid intake.

iOS (iPhone)

I don’t use my iPhone much any more, and don’t always take it with me when I leave home.



Honourable Mentions

Apps I now use infrequently.

  • Atmosphérique Pro – finally, a weather app that uses Environment Canada data, and so is not wrong 90% of the time.
  • Daylight – almost as useful as weather apps: lets you know when the sun rises and sets for any given day.
  • Road Trip – great l/km and car expense tracking app. I don’t own a car any more, so this is for historical data only at this point.


I’ve been using the Mac since the 128K.

  • Things – for personal GTD management.
  • Banktivity – an absolutely excellent personal financial app.
  • Reeder for RSS.
  • BBEdit – old reliable, the text editor I’ve used for virtually all markup I’ve ever done since the early days of the web. Every single word and tag on my Rhodes Chroma site, now totalling well over a million words (not counting markup), has been authored exclusively with this app.
  • Cornerstone – great Subversion client for the Mac. But it seems now to be abandonware.
  • Acorn – “The image editor for humans.” Enough said.

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