Three Tracks: 2023

These were a few of my favourite tunes.

Indigo De Souza: Younger & Dumber

Once in a while, a track like this comes along that feels devastatingly new and familiar and somehow personal.

“Sometimes, I just don’t wanna be alone / And it’s not ’cause I’m lonely / It’s just ’cause I get so tired of filling / The space all around me”

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Venjent: R U Gonna Move

Drum and bass revival that really moves — and is just a great tune. It rocks, which is pretty rare these days. And the video is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

“If you say so / It’s irrelevant”

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Adrienne Lenker: Ruined

Big Thief in Vancouver this year was one of my favourite shows ever. This late-in-the-year release by the lead singer is another bullseye. The piano late in the track is simple and effective in a way that reminded me rhythmically of Radiohead’s “Videotape” and emotionally of the haunting chord at 1:59 of Bruce Springsteen’s “Reason to Believe“. One of the most consistently excellent musicians (both Lenker herself and the full band) of the current era.

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Three Albums: 2023

A few of my favourite albums from the year. My listening habits have changed over the years: working at home, focusing more on individual tracks in terms of popular music as Apple Music goes off on infinite play and well, yeah, maybe getting older — all have contributed to my album-oriented choices being more subdued.

Ryuichi Sakamoto: 12

A long-time hero of my girlfriend’s, from Yellow Magic Orchestra to the wondrous Playing the Piano 2022. Sakamoto died in March; this album had already become regular listening for me. I look forward to seeing OPUS, directed by his son.

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Hania Rani: Ghosts

One of the soundtracks to my year of work, and evening reading.

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Tim Hecker: No Highs

“Monotony II” is one of the standout tracks from this Canadian artist’s latest.

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