Joie Farm Muscat 2010

I don’t think I’ve tasted more than one or two other Muscats, but this was the first Joie wine I ever tried—about five years ago, at Vij’s.

This one is clear and almost water-pale. Medium intensity grapefruit, sage (as in sagebrush), cut grass, and petrol on the nose. Dry, highly acidic, and light bodied, the palate is strong of lemon and lime with a hint of green pepper and a bit of residual sugar. Medium length and 11.4% alcohol. I think this is quite distinct from previous vintages. Overall good; recommended. $27.60 at Crosstown.

See Joie Farm—but a warning: this is not only a Flash site, but asks to install the latest version. And after doing so, it doesn’t work in Safari. Joie, hire an HTML5 guru.

Joie Farms Muscat 2010

Dirty Laundry 2010 Riesling

Clear, very pale gold with a touch of green. Nose is medium intensity citrus—grapefruit and lemon—along with ripe apple/pear and a subtle grassy quality. Off dry, high acidity, and medium bodied, the palate is dominated by apricot, again with ripe apple and just a bit of citrus which comes through in the finish along with a hint of petrol. Medium length. 12.2% alcohol. This is a good BC Riesling; recommended. $21.70 at Crosstown. See Dirty Laundry.

Dirty Laundry 2010 Riesling