The Pyramid

“I stood, looking down at the worn pavement, so minutely and illegibly inscribed; and I saw the feet, my own among them, pass and repass. I stretched out a leg and tapped with my live toe, listening meanwhile, tap, tap, tap—and suddenly I felt that if I might only lend my own sound, my own flesh, my own power of choosing the future, to those invisible feet, I would pay anything—anything: but knew in the same instant that […] I would never pay more than a reasonable price.”

William Golding, The Pyramid

Blasted Church 2009 Hatfield’s Fuse

I’ve enjoyed the last couple of vintages of this blend, which this year (PDF) is 53.5% Gewürztraminer, 17.1% Optima, 14.2% Pinot Blanc, 8.2% Chardonnany, 4.0% Ehrenfelser, 1.5% Pinot Gris, 1.0% Riesling, and 0.5% Sauvignon Blanc.

Pale-ish silver appearance with, pineapple, apple, and floral qualities on the nose. Medium body with nice acidity balancing complex tropical and Okanagan fruit and, as the winemaker notes, an appealing spicy finish, ever so slightly off dry. 13.3% alcohol; under $20 from BC Liquor. This has become a nice consistent product; I recommend it for summer drinking. I’m pairing it with the Seitan Medallions in Mixed-Mushrooom Gravy from Vegan Soul Kitchen. See Blasted Church Vineyards.

Lang Vineyards 2006 Farm Winery Reserve Riesling

Visited Lang Vineyards a couple of years ago and really liked their Riesling. This one is a medium-deep yellow-gold. Nice apricot-earthy nose. Medium body off-dry with low-medium acidity and nice stone fruit and honey notes. This is the kind of Riesling I like and is more reminiscent of some of the German wines, as well as the few Washington State Rieslings I’ve tried. 12.5% alcohol. Recommended, particularly at the price: about $17 at BC Liquor.

Dirty Laundry 2007 Chardonnay Unoaked

Like many people, I guess, I went through a Chardonnay kick a few years back. The excessive oaking eventually got to me. Now, it seems, there is a trend towards producing unoaked Chardonnays.

This one is pale clear silver, with a light citrus-pinapple grassy nose. Nice subtle palate of Okanagan fruit, apple-lemon, and a distinctive liquorice note on the nice long finish. Very nice! 13.4% alcohol. CAD$22.90 at Crosstown. See Dirty Laundy Vineyard, which is becoming one of my British Columbia favourites.

Chateau Ste Michelle 2008 Riesling

Medium pale green gold with a distinct Riesling nose: mineral, honey, and stone fruit. Medium body, strong acidity, slightly off-dry. Citrus with a bit of apricot and melon; fine finish. Quite nice. 12.0% $19.90 at Crosstown. See Ste Michelle Winery.

I have to wonder why most British Columbia Rieslings do not achieve this same distinct Riesling notes that echo the Mosel; if I recall correctly the 8th Generation is one of the few I’ve tasted in this vein. The region and climate are essentially the same. Interesting.