Gehringer Brothers 2007 Riesling

Light clear silver appearance. Light grassy-melon nose with a touch of honey. Dry and a bit dull on the palette; not a complex wine but some appealing aspects of grapefruit, green fruit, and peach. Doesn’t quite have the acidity required to balance, but quite drinkable and inexpensive (about CAD$15). Gehringer Brothers doesn’t seem to have a web site (!); some information here.

See Ya Later Ranch Riesling 2007

Medium gold appearance, grapefruit-apple mineral nose with a hint of residual sweetness. Dry on the palette with good acidity; citrus, green fruit—definitely appropriate for an Okanagan wine—and a hint of Riesling steel/petrol. This is a good one, among the better BC Rieslings I’ve tasted. See Ya Later Ranch.

8th Generation 2006 Riesling

Really enjoyed the 2007 “Dry” Riesling, and there were a few bottles of the 2006 left at TaylorWood Wines.

This vintage is pale silver-gold with medium citrus-apricot and a hint of sweetness on the nose. A little drier than the 2006 with a strong acidity that almost obscures hints of green apple, stone fruit and honey. Although it hints, perhaps, at the quality to come in the 2007 vintage, this is not one of the better BC Rieslings I’ve tasted (this is the ninth I’ve tried recently). See 8th Generation Vineyard.

Lang Vineyards 2007 Farm Reserve Riesling

Clear medium golden, nice sweet earthy stone fruit nose. Well balanced on the palette, a bit of sweetness with fine acidity. Honey-slate with a citrus finish. I tasted the 2006 last year and this continues in the same vein. First time I’ve seen it in Vancouver (though admittedly I wasn’t looking that hard); got last year’s at the vineyard. Definitely one of the better BC Rieslings. See Lang Vineyards.

Mission Hill Reserve Riesling 2007

Medium clear silver-green appearance. On the nose, qualities of grass, earth, and citrus-apple. On the palette, lacking a bit in acidity; tending towards a light body with notes of apple and lemon balanced with a muted background of slate-apricot quality. Very slightly off dry; lingering dull green fruit finish that’s not altogether pleasant. Quite a different quality than the other Okanagan Rieslings I’ve tried. I like it but wish that it had just a bit more bite. About CAD$18. See Mission Hill Winery.

Tantalus Riesling 2008

Medium gold; very pronounced grapefruit nose. Dry, good acidity, perhaps a little one-dimensional but good citrus notes. I’m just not sure I really get much Riesling from this, despite a bit of a mineral finish. Good, but not up to par with some of the other BC Rieslings I’ve been tasting, particularly as it’s pricier at CAD$23. See Tantalus Vineyards.