2008 Vignerons de Buxy Givry 1er cru Buissonnier

A milestone today: signed my separation agreement. Celebrating with a red: I’ve tried few in recent years, mostly due to the dread “red wine headaches.” To hell with it; I am forging ahead, and bought myself this bottle tonight after having a wonderful (California) Pinot at Greens in San Francisco last weekend.

But if  you’re here you’re probably not interested in all that. This is a clear, medium intensity garnet with a tawny rim. Clean, medium intensity cherry, raspberry, and slight pepper-vegetal aromas. Dry, medium acidity and low tannins; medium body. A nice balance of cherry, plum, and subtle licorice and vegetal notes. Medium length. Straightforward and very drinkable—a fine start to my adventure with red Burgundy. 13% alcohol. $38.50 at Steamworks Wine Thief in Gastown. See Cave des Vignerons de Buxy.

2008 Vignerons de Buxy Givry 1er cru Buissonnier

Now off to cook a nice seitan-based dish to pair with this…

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