2007 Bonterra Syrah

There still aren’t a lot of organic wines available, but I try to pick them up when I see them. I remember enjoying a few bottles from Bonterra while I lived in California in the late 1990s (and see my notes on their 2006 Chardonnay on my old site).

This one is deep ruby red in the glass, and has an appealing, medium intensity nose of black fruit and oak-vanilla sweetness and spice. In the mouth, dry with medium acidity and tannins. There’s a bit of heat from the 13.9% alcohol, surrounding sour cherries, currants, and again the wood and spices. Appealing, if not complex; decent length with a finish that just tails off a bit. Overall good, and as always I’m tempted to say the fruit is a bit more forward in the organic wines, which gives this a boost.

$26.50 at Crosstown. See Bonterra Vineyards (warning: Flash site) and the winemaker’s notes (PDF).

2007 Bonterra Syrah

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